Welcome to St. Clair Church Vestments by Rosemary st. Clair Originals.  I will be designing and making Stoles, Robes, Banners,  & Altar Decor for all denominations and welcome special requests or new design suggestions. 

These items are available on www.etsy.com/shop/stclairvestments or at www.stclairvestments.com

I have been designing, making and selling unique clothing since 1974, but now I am devoting my skills to creating unique church vestments.  Although this business name is new to Etsy, many of you may know my name from my other Etsy site  www.etsy.com/shop/stclairoriginals which features my children's line 'Miss Rosebeary for Kids', my embroidered tees and sweatshirts for men, women & kids 'Topstitch Designs by R, and my 'Art-to-Wear Originals' clothing for ladies.